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Web Designing Course in Rawalpindi

Web Designing Course in Rawalpindi

Web Design is the process of creating a website and creating the user experience you want for your visitors. With our web design courses, you’ll hone your skills in HTML and CSS while learning color design, navigation, and more. Web Designing Course in Rawalpindi

Web design is an essential part of creating websites and improving your skills. At Great Learning, we offer free Web Design courses ranging from basic to advanced. You can take courses such as UI/UX & UX portfolio that will help you understand your users better and create an interactive and interesting website or application. In order to carry out the design efficiently, you need to understand the languages involved. That’s why we offer free courses dealing with HTML, CSS, etc. You can enroll in these courses and successfully complete them to get your free Web Design certificate.

The goal of this course is to create qualified individuals who can create/design websites using various software. The content of our web design course is developed and updated by professional web designers to meet current web technology standards. We teach all aspects of layout design, coding, and testing in our program. Our goal is to turn you into a successful web designer. To achieve this, you must put in 100% effort and dedication to learn the subject and apply it. We provide students and professionals who are passionate about making web design a career. Web Designing Course in Rawalpindi

Web Designing Course Outline


  • HTML and XHTML
  • Elements & Attributes
  • Headings
  • Adding and formatting Paragraph Text
  • Formatting your website template
  • Adding Hyperlinks and Buttons in your website
  • Images and its usage
  • Image mapping
  • Tables and its different usage in web designing

CSS 3.0

  • Different methods of creating styles
  • Different Coloring options
  • Creating and formatting professional Background Effects
  • Advance Text effects
  • Positioning objects with different Display levels
  • The CSS Box model
  • Working with Floats
  • Using Borders with different effects
  • Understanding CSS Outline
  • Working with Margins and Padding
  • Professional usages of Lists
  • Using the z-index


  • Coding conventions
  • Embedding JavaScript in html
  • Usage of variables in your program
  • Statements, operators and relational expressions
  • Using Loops (while and for)
  • Arrays and its uses
  • Working with Events
  • Popup windows
  • Creating custom slider
  • Defining and invoking functions
  • Runtime style using DHTML
  • CSS class switching

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